Thursday, June 23, 2011

The End of Smile Donghae

I've been watching this since last year? early this year, whatever year is it but i'm pretty sure that i've been watching for a long time since and many times I really want to give up to watch this drama but I gather my strength and keep on watching. Well, tday is the final epi which is 159 epi. The drama stars Oct last year if I not mistaken and run till June this year, nearly 10 months??? Not really good with mathematics. The ending is predictable and well, I just stay still until today. The drama is good, the wrong will be punished, hard work pays, nothing easy in life, nothing will always going on with our plan, luck is not always on our side, keep going, patient, believing~ Well, its a family's drama, of course. But, I had fun watching and I'll stop. Its enough~ Now I just hanging on to variety show~

Well, nothing going on with my life, still the same. Yesterday Ewan had flu and tday he seems better but the virus infected Azrin and he got flu today. Shahir brings his friend today who is 23 years old named Lan, well at least not very young, just finished dip from poli with 3.05. Farish? He change shifts t avoid Shahir and serves him right, get so tired working non-stop from morn till late in the eve. And I find that now I always getting angry. Well, maybe because of hot weather? New environment, narrow space at my work station? Don't know, poor them getting scold by me~ and Azrin, so far getting better with getting together with people, its a good sign isn't it? Well, Acu ran away early tonight and I not getting my pay and I wonder when she will give me and how about the paid for moving things? Its actually doesn't really bother for me but Alang helped to and I feel bad for her. Shahir said that if he not mistaken Acu said that all of the employee will getting paid on Friday. Ah~ so lazy to go to canteen if not working day, well, at least there's Azrin so its at least ok. Hah, gatal me~

I have to paid for my broadband tomorrow and I think I want to bring Kakak to playground tomorrow. I personally feel pity for her, yeah, getting scolded by Ibu, and I also anger at her all the time. And until last week, all the attentions all to Qistina and I thinks she felt neglected, Its okey if she doesn't think like that but who knows what she think. I think she too mature for he age, well, from infant, she always told to look after her sister and she always be the role model and erm~ don't know. I just hope she will growing up just fine without any hardship either physical nor psychologically. Please, grow up well and be a fine lady~